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Ben Lindner – UAV Services


Jim JarrettEstablishing GBA’s Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) services is much easier with Commercial pilot and film maker Ben Lindner.


Lindner began his career early by starting his own DJ business at age 13. That turned into his involvement with Saving Grace Productions at his church where he was behind the camera. By 14 he had filmed a piece featured on CNN’s Financial News and he was hooked. Soon he was working with lighting on sets and found his niche.


Through his lighting expertise, he began refining his eye for the movie camera lens and soon Lindner got his first feature film gig. Ben then entered a film at the Kansas Film Festival and won. After high school graduation he worked on the east coast and then Hollywood. In Hollywood, he worked on feature films, music videos, commercials and made for TV movies. When he had his fill of Hollywood, Ben found his way back to Kansas where he took an accelerated class to get his pilot’s license in 30 days. He continued his education with 5 additional ratings and is now a commercial certified Multi and Single Engine Pilot with Instrument rating.


“Flying is freedom,” says Lindner. “You have the feeling like you can go anywhere.”

One of Lindner’s favorite aviation quotes is “A mile of highway will take you a mile, but a mile of runway will take you anywhere” source unknown.


Although it is not the same as an actual plane, a UAV is the perfect combination of film making and flying for Ben. Ben became one of the first in the nation to receive his Remote Pilot Certificate. Using his background with cameras and as a pilot, he is able to capture the best images and video for GBA’s clients.


UAV started as a tool for marketing purposes to show clients their project from a new perspective, but it has grown into much more. Ben is now focused on other areas such as survey, bridge inspection, line of sight studies and infrared imagery. Other GBA employees participated in a training session coordinated by Ben and Ed Young our Aviation Associate and nine employees have already passed their test to receive their Remote Pilot Certificate and fly a UAV.


“UAV is going to be a large part of engineering services in the future and we are working hard  to stay ahead of the curve,” said Kim Pearse, GBA Sr. Associate and UAV group lead. “Ben is a strong asset to our team and we look forward to all the various ways we can utilize his talents. We are very fortunate to have him.”


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