Water / Wastewater


Water Infrastructure Evaluation

Waste WaterGBA has provided sewer evaluation services for the last 30 years. We have experience and engineering expertise in data analysis, I/I quantification and removal, master planning and sewer rehabilitation design. Our engineering and turnkey capabilities allow us to better evaluate sewers with the end user in mind so our clients can be assured the collected data is appropriate for their needs. GBA’s services include:

• Flow Installation, Monitoring and Analysis
• Manhole Inspections
• Smoke and Dyed-Water Testing
• Private Property Building Inspections
• CCTV Inspection of Main and Lateral Sewers


Through our comprehensive and reliable evaluation processes, we are helping clients upgrade their wastewater infrastructure around the Midwest.
Drinking Water

To assist our clients in their efforts to provide clean and safe water, GBA developed a comprehensive approach to water system analysis and design. Our expertise and experience includes:

• Planning
• Design and construction management of water treatment plants
• Elevated and ground storage facilities
• Pumping facilities
• Distribution systems
• Raw-water systems




Water Softening Plant
Eureka, MO

Cole Creek CSO Manhole Inspection
Omaha, NE

Bonfils Sanitary Sewer Smoke Test
St. Louis, MO






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