BuildingsComprised of market-specific design studios that are defined by the types of clients we serve, GBA’s Buildings group includes MEP, structural and civil engineers, as well as architects and technicians. Each one dedicated to a particular studio, they sit side-by-side, immersing themselves in the focus of each studio, creating a synergy that directly benefits our clients. Members of the team speak the same language and have opportunities to directly participate in design decisions impacting the projects they're working on.

Our clients demand that we reach beyond general design and provide them with architecture and engineering services that are very specific to their unique industries, including:
• Life Sciences

• Critical Facilities

• Industrial and Office

Clients have included both private and governmental entities, such as municipalities, counties, and states. Project experience type is varied, and includes:

• Warehouse/Distribution
• Corporate office
• Parking structures
• Municipal buildings
• County government buildings
• State prison upgrades
• Underground storage facilities




Wind Turbine
El Dorado, KS

Herff Jones Facility
Edwardsville, KS

BIVI Office Building
St. Joseph, MO

Backup Power System
Tampa, FL






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